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About us

Home of Concrete believes in knowledge, quality, focus and specialization. Our mission is to create the Ultimate Online Shopping experience.

What is Home of Concrete?

Home of Concrete is the most inspiring and trendsetting home, garden and home store on the Internet. Home of Concrete provides the best branded products direct from stock. Easy to buy, very fast home delivery and best service. Concrete at Home or you find it!

Where does Home of Concrete stand for?

Home of Concrete works continuously to a surprising and versatile range. Original products that are fun and easy to use, design products that you like love to have and practical products that make life just a little easier.

What distinguishes Home Concrete?

Excellent customer service, fast delivery, full assortments, quality products and competitive prices.

What does the Home Concrete team?

Our employees are continuously on to provide optimal shop experience, fast delivery, a surprising range and excellent customer service. At Home or Concrete work from passion. Everyone is driven, customer-oriented thinking and working with pleasure! In addition to continuous stimulus for development, there is plenty of space for sharing ideas and improving customer experience. That creates the pleasant atmosphere that you experience when you shop at Home of Concrete.

What are our company details?

Home of Concrete
Blankenstein 260
7943 PG Meppel

NOTE: This is NOT a return address!

E: [email protected]
T: +31639606269 (Whatsapp)
KVK: 75948591
BTW: NL8604.53.303.B01

Why should I work with Home of Concrete?

We are always looking to expand our brands to shop from them too, but also for partners to whom we can do something. It is our goal to e-commerce to the next level to lift and we like to do in partnership. Do you have an interesting business proposition? We are very curious: [email protected]