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Home of Concrete specialises in supplying sustainable products of high quality. Home of Concrete offers products for practically any indoor space to create beautiful styles. From home to office space, our products can be used anywhere.

Our interior has known many different hypes and trends over the past decades. Rural, modern, romantic and industrial to name but a few popular interior styles. These styles can easily be created by elements such as furniture, lighting and accessories, but by continuing the style on walls and floors, the picture is of course complete. Think of tough concrete-look walls or floors in an industrial interior, for example.

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Home of Concrete Products

All our products are ready to use and can be applied directly from the bucket. Most products can be used on almost any surface and in any room. With the Home of Concrete products you can create beautiful spaces in no time at all.

Beton Cire

Beton Cire is a concrete stucco with which you can easily create your own concrete-look interior. Instant Beton Cire from Home of Concrete can be used on practically any surface. Bton Cire can be applied not only on walls and floors but also for example on furniture. HoC Beton Cire is available in 8 unique colors.

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Microcement is just like Beton Cire a concrete stucco. The difference is in the hardness. Microcement is harder than Beton Cire but just as easy to apply yourself. Instant Microcement from Home of Concrete can be applied in any desired space and on any substrate. Create, for example, a tight concrete-look staircase. A real eye-catcher! HoC Microcement is available in 8 unique colours.

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Venetian Plaster

A marble counter top or marble walls are a beautiful eye-catcher in the interior. Unfortunately, real marble is not affordable for most people. But Venetian Plaster offers everyone the opportunity to create their own chic marble look in an affordable way. Instant Venetian Plaster from Home of Concrete can be applied to almost any surface and space. For example, transform the bathroom into a luxurious Venetian bathhouse. Belissimo! HoC Venetian Plaster is available in 8 luxurious colours.

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Concrete Paint

Do you want to create your own concrete-look interior, but not so handy in stacking? Then the Instant Concrete Look Paint of Home or Concrete is the ideal solution. Concrete Look Paint is applicable on any surface and easy to apply with a roller or brush. Give your walls a sturdy look or turn the dining table into an industrial piece of furniture with Concrete Look Paint. HoC Instant Concrete Look Paint is available in 18 beautiful colours.

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Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard Paint makes everything writable. Walls, doors, furniture or accessories, the possibilities are endless. Instant Chalkboard Paint from Home of Concrete is easy to apply yourself on practically any surface. For example, apply blackboard paint on the inside of the toilet door. With a chalk, toilet users can then leave messages for the next visitors. HoC Instant Chalkboard Paint is available in black.

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Chalk Paint

Chalk Paint makes it possible to create a 'depth effect'. The result of a certain effect depends on what way the Chalk Paint is applied. Instant Chalk Paint from Home or Concrete can easily be applied yourself with a spatula, brush, sponge or cloth. HoC Instant Chalk Paint is available in various colours from earth tones to pastel colours.

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Limewash is a traditional chalk paint which gives a powdery and 'cloudy' effect on walls and ceilings. Instant Limewash from Home of Concrete is easy to apply yourself on surfaces such as chalk, plaster and brickwork. HoC Instant Limewash is available in beautiful neutral shades.

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ave you become enthusiastic and are you considering giving your interior a makeover, but do you still have questions about our ready-made products? Then please contact us. We are happy to help you on your way to a beautiful interior.