Manual Instant Concrete paint

Instant HoC Concrete Look Paint

Content 0,6kg powder + 0,7 liters water makes 1L = +/- 10 m2
Content 1,4kg powder + 1,75 liters water makes 2,5L = +/- 25 m2

Content 2.8kg powder + 3.5 liters water makes 5L = +/- 25 m2

Step 1
Apply the HoC BioPrimer with a foam or coat roller.

Step 2
Apply the 1st layer of Instant Concrete Look paint with a paint or roller in an even layer thickness. Usage ca. 100gr. p/m2

Step 3
When the 1st layer is dry (approx. 12-24 hours), apply the 2nd layer of Instant Concrete Look paint with a brush or roller in an even layer thickness. the 2nd layer ultimately determines the structure and finish.

Instructions for use: Before you start, carefully read the instructions supplied with your order. It explains step-by-step how to apply the product. You will also find more information about certain substrates. 

✅ Ready to use

✅ CO2 neutral

✅ Easy to apply

✅ Sustainable

✅ Infinite application possibilities

✅ In 8 different colours

What is Instant Concrete Paint

The word says it all, concrete look paint is paint with a concrete-look. HoC Concrete Look Paint is a ready-to-use colour-mixed loam paint suitable for many applications. This makes it possible for everyone to create their own tough concrete look in the interior. Use the Instant Concretelook paint for making furniture, for making walls in your living room or toilet. Due to a unique composition of materials the Instant Concrete Look paint is very durable and flexible. Extremely suitable for any space in the house!

Because Instant Concrete Look paint is a natural product, it is 100% CO2 neutral and not harmful to health during processing. !

Another unique feature of Instant Concrete Look paint is that it can be used on any surface. Directly over plaster, cement, wood or sauce is no problem. Use the HoC BioPrimer as a primer and the Instant Concrete Look paint can be applied directly.

Why Instant Concrete Look Paint

The ready-to-use Concrete look paint from Home of Concrete is a do-it-yourself product which can be applied directly from the bucket to practically any surface. This gives you the opportunity to create your own industrial concrete look in your interior. With a little dexterity you can apply the Concretelook paint on walls, ceilings, furniture etcetera. Let your creativity run free, the possibilities with Concretelook paint are endless!

Instant Concrete Look paint application

Easily apply Concretelook paint yourself with the Instant Concrete Paint from Home or Concrete. Follow the steps below to provide your interior with concrete-look paint.

  1. Make sure the surface is flat and grease-free. All bumps, cracks or loose parts must first be repaired or removed before starting to apply Instant Concrete Look Paint.
  2. Then apply the HoC BioPrimer. This primer removes the absorbent effect of the substrate. The HoC BioPrimer also ensures better adhesion of the Instant Concrete Look paint.
  3. The Instant Concrete Look paint is applied in 2 layers. Stir the bucket contents with approximately 3.5 litres of clean tap water until this lump is free. Leave the contents to rest for 30 minutes and then stir intensively again. Stir the paint again and again briefly for longer periods of inactivity. Instant Concrete Look Paint can be applied with a roller or brush. The first layer serves as a substrate for the second layer. Apply this opaque but as thin as possible. Use a brush or roller for this. Leave the 1st layer to dry by hand before applying the 2nd layer. This takes 12 to 24 hours.
  4. When the 1st layer is dry, the 2nd layer can be applied. By making small or large movements during application, the final effect is determined. Play a little with this to see what you like best.
  5. After applying the two layers of Instant Concrete Look paint, it is important to let it dry well. Allow an average of 24 hours for this, depending on temperature, surface and humidity.

Concrete look paint on wood

Would you like to give your wooden furniture a concrete look? Also then Instant Concrete Look paint offers a solution. You can easily apply Concretelook paint on wood provided that the wood has been properly pre-treated. This means that it must be well sanded and grease-free. Then the wood must be coated with a layer of primer. Then you can apply the Instant Concretelook paint on the desired furniture. Create, for example, a beautiful concrete look dining table or a kitchen cabinet with concrete look. 

Concrete look paint can also be applied to MDF. With Instant Concrete look paint on MDF the same pre-treatment applies. Is the wood well prepared for treatment with Instant Concrete Look paint? Then follow the steps above for applying Instant Concrete Look paint on wood.

Instant Concrete Look Paint Applications

Instant Concrete Look Paint can be applied on almost all surfaces but also in many different rooms. Whether you want to provide your office, shop, living room, bathroom, kitchen or furniture with a concrete look, with Instant Concretelook paint from Home or Concrete there are infinite possibilities. 

Benefits of Instant Concrete Look paint

As has become clear by now, our Instant Concrete Look paint has many advantages. We have briefly listed the most important ones for you.

  • Ready to Use
  • Infinite application possibilities
  • Easy to apply yourself
  • Hygienic
  • Low maintenance
  • Sustainable
  • Waterbase
  • Coloured with natural and organic pigments
  • Loam mat
  • Color nuances
  • 100% mineral
  • Very environmentally friendly
  • 100% recyclable
  • Good covering capacity
  • Water vapour permeable
  • VOC free
  • No synthetic binders
  • Antibacterial and fungicidal
  • Non-combustible

Instant Concrete Look Paint Costs

Where for other types of paints a painter has to be hired, Instant Concrete look paint from Home of Concrete is customer-ready and very easy to apply yourself. This saves you a lot on creating a concrete-look interior. Concrete look paint does not have to be very expensive. How high the costs for your specific situation will be, of course, depends on the amount of Concrete Look paint you need for the desired project.

The Instant Concrete Look paint price per bucket is € 69.95. The more buckets you order, the more you save.

You can easily order Instant Concretelook paint online in our webshop. Here you will also find the other necessities for creating your own concrete-look interior. Ordered today is tomorrow!

Questions about Instant Concrete Look paint?

Have you become enthusiastic and are you considering giving your interior a concrete-look look, but do you still have questions about our ready-made Concrete-look paint? Then please contact us. We are happy to help you on your way to a beautiful interior in concrete look.