Home of Concrete HoC Concrete Cire Complete Test kit for 1m2

HoC Concrete Cire Complete Test kit for 1m2

Brand: Home of Concrete

Discover the world of Home or Concrete via the HOC Concrete Ciré Product Test Set. This sample set contains our 8 colour samples, Concrete Ciré for 1m2 in a colour of your choice, including 250 ml primer and 120 mm spacer knife for the application.

  • Ready to use
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to apply


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Instant HoC Beton Cire Sample Set

Content 1L = +/- 1 m2

HoC Beton Cire Product Sample Kit | 1m2 + 250ml HoC Primer + Taping Knife 120 mm + 8 Color Sample | Ready to use

Instant Beton Cire is an ready to use, color-mixed microcement which is suitable for many applications. Use Instant Beton Cire for making furniture, bathroom walls, toilet or even on floors. Thanks to a unique composition of materials, the instant Beton Cire is very durable and flexible. Extremely usable for any desired place in your house! 

Because Instant Beton Cire is waterproof by itself, it is very suitable for use in wet areas like the bathroom. Thanks to the special coating even lime and other dirt don't stand a chance. 

Another unique feature of Instant Beton Cire is that it can be used on any surface. Directly on plaser, cement, wood is not a problem. Use the HoC primer and the Instant Beton Cire can be processed directly. 

Step 1
Apply the HoC primer with a foam roller. For a absorbent surface you can dilute the HoC primer 1 on 1 with water. 

Step 2
Apply the 1st layer of Instant Beton Cire in a even thick layer with a trowel or Taping Knife

Step 3
When the 1st layer is hand dry, apply the 2nd layer of Instant Beton Cire in a even thick layer. Using a trowel or Taping Knife. The 2nd layer ultimately determines the structure and finish. 

Step 4
When the 2nd layer is dry it can be sanded. Use preferably an eccentric rotary sander with abrasive grain 120 for this. 

Step 5
After sanding the 2nd layer, wipe the Instant Beton Cire with a dry cloth. Mix the HoC finish coat A+B and apply with a coat roller in an even layer. It is possible to apply a 2nd layer of HoC finish Coat after the 1st layer is hand dry. 

Usage instructions: Before you begin, carefully read the manual that comes with your order. It explains step by step how to apply the product. You will also find more information about certain surfaces. 

✅ Ready to use

✅ Mixed in color 

✅ Easy to apply

✅ Scratch resistance 

✅ Waterproof 

✅ In 8 different colors