Instant Beton Ciré | Ready to use in 8 unique colours

Is your interior finally ready for that long-delayed makeover and would you like to give your interior a sturdy, industrial look? Then choose Instant Beton Ciré!

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What is Instant Beton Cire

Instant Beton Cire is a microcement which consists of a combination of cement, ground pebbles and sand supplemented with special synthetic resin. The addition of the resin makes Instant Beton Cire flexible and super strong. In addition, Instant Beton Cire is waterproof and wear-resistant.

Why Instant Beton Cire

The ready to use Beton Cire from Home of Concrete is a do-it-yourself product that can be applied directly from the bucket to practically any surface. This gives you the opportunity to create your own industrial concrete look in your interior. With a little dexterity you can apply the Beton Cire on walls, floors, furniture, etcetera. Let your creativity run free, the possibilities with microcement are endless!

Instant Beton Cire Application

Applying a sleek concrete look floor or, for example, a concrete look bathroom has never been easier! Easily apply Beton Cire yourself with the Instant Beton Cire from Home of Concrete. Follow the steps below to provide your interior with concrete stucco.

  1. Make sure the surface is flat and free of grease. All bumps, cracks or loose parts must first be repaired or removed before starting to apply Instant Beton Cire. If the surface is not yet completely flat, it must be leveled beforehand. First treat the surface with a primer. For a damp room it is best to use cement-bound mortar and for non-damp rooms plaster-bound mortar.
  2. Make sure the surface is dust and grease free.
  3. Cover any surrounding surfaces that should not be covered with splashes with tape and possibly plastic.
  4. Shake the Primer before use. If the surface is very absorbent, you can dilute the primer 1 to 1 with water. For non-absorbent surfaces you can apply the primer undiluted. Apply the primer evenly with a roller or block brush and let it dry for 12 hours.
  5. Apply the 1st layer of Beton Ciré as evenly as possible with a taping knife or trowel, in a layer thickness of 1 - 3 mm.  Make half-circle movements and play with large and small movements to discover what you like best. the 1st layer should dry for 4 - 8 hours. (do not let this layer dry out completely so that any unwanted effects can be removed when applying the second layer).
  6. Apply the 2nd layer of Beton Ciré with a taping knife of trowel in a layer thickness of 1 - 3 mm and let this dry for 12 hours.
  7. Mix the 2-component Finish Coat by stirring it well for at least 10 minutes. Then apply it in two layers with a clean cloth or microfibre roller. The second layer can be applied as soon as the 1st layer is touch dry, let the total layers of finish coat dry for 12 hours. (Mix the components in the required amount per layer, so that it cannot dry out in the meantime).

Beton Cire on tiles

Transforming an existing tiled floor or wall into Instant Beton Cire floor or Instant Beton Cire bathroom? You can simply apply Instant Beton Cire over existing tiles. This saves a lot of time and debris because there is no need to remove the old tiles first. In addition, it provides an extra solid surface. 

In order to apply Instant Beton Cire over tiles, the tiling must be well flat. Also, everything must still be stuck properly. Use the 'knock test' to check this. It may be necessary to level the tiled floor or wall first. Is the floor or wall suitable? Then Beton Cire can be applied over tiles. Simply follow the steps above and applying Instant Beton Cire over tiles will be a piece of cake.

Beton Cire on wood

Would you like to give your wooden furniture a concrete look? Also then Instant Beton Cire offers a solution. You can easily apply Beton Cire on wood provided that the wood has been properly pre-treated. This means that it must be well sanded and grease-free. Then the wood must be coated with a layer of primer. Then you can apply the Instant Beton Cire to the desired furniture. Create, for example, a beautiful concrete look dining table or a kitchen worktop with concrete look.

Beton Cire can also be applied to MDF. The same pre-treatment applies to Instant Beton Cire on MDF. Is the wood well prepared for treatment with Instant Beton Cire? Then follow the steps above for the application of Instant Beton Cire on wood.

Instant Beton Cire Applications

Instant Beton Cire can be used on almost all surfaces but also in many different rooms. Whether you want to give your office, shop, living room, bathroom, kitchen or furniture a concrete look, with Instant Beton Cire from Home of Concrete there are endless possibilities.

Beton Ciré Living Room

Do you like a sturdy industrial concrete look in the living room? Then a beton ciré living room is really something for you! Also in the living room, the possibilities with beton cire are infinite. A whole beton cire living room floor or a beton cire living room wall just a little too much of a good thing? Make your own robust beton cire furniture! Think of a beton cire table or a beton cire TV cabinet. Also, beton cire can be applied to accessories such as flower pots for more subtle elements.

Beton Ciré Kitchen

A beton cire kitchen is sturdy and practical. Beton cire is a concrete stucco with hygienic properties and therefore ideal in the kitchen. In addition, a beton cire kitchen is very easy to keep clean because the concrete stucco is seamless to apply. Give your kitchen a professional look with a beton cire kitchen floor or a beton cire kitchen wall.

For a characteristic concrete look, it is also possible to provide certain elements with beton cire. So you can easily make a beton cire countertop itself. A beton cire kitchen countertop combines beautifully with wooden kitchen cabinets.

Beton Ciré Bathroom

Beton Ciré is, among other things, fungicidal and (due to the finish coating) waterproof. This makes it extremely suitable for applications in the bathroom. Bathroom Beton Cire is seamless to apply, so no more seams and joints. This makes a bathroom with beton cire again very easy to clean.

With a little handiness you can do a beton cire bathroom yourself. Think for example, of a beton cire bathroom floor or a beton cire bathroom wall. Prefer something more subtle? A beton cire bathroom cabinet also belongs to the possibilities. For example, you can make a bton cire sink or a beton cire bath. Whatever your preference is, with the Beton Cire bathroom you create a spacious and quiet atmosphere in your bathroom.)

Beton Ciré Toilet

The toilet may be the smallest room in the house, but this room is of course part of the whole. A beton cire toilet makes a concrete look interior completely complete. Applying beton cire in the toilet is just as simple as in the bathroom. A beton cire toilet is hygienic and easy to clean because there are no joints and seams where dirt can accumulate. Do you wish to have an easy to clean toilet? Then simply create your own beton cire restroom.

Beton Ciré Wall

A beton cire wall gives a room a unique and calm look and can therefore be used in every interior style. Our beton cire is colourfast so your beton cire wall will not discolour due to sunlight for example. A beton cire wall is waterproof (because of the finish coating) and dirt-repellent so it requires little maintenance.

Beton Ciré Floor

A beton cire floor is very strong, easy to maintain and of course super tough. Floor Beton Cire can be used in every room and in every interior style. A beton cire on the floor does not have to be very expensive. You can do a beton cire floor yourself so there is no need for a professional company.

Do you have a wooden floor? No problem, with the right pre-treatment beton cire can be applied on wooden floors. Floor Beton Cire can even be applied to floors with underfloor heating. Because a beton cire floor is applied in thin layers, it conducts the heat very well and evenly.

Beton Ciré Stair

A beton cire stair can take a beating because of the hard finish coating that is used to finish a beton cire stair. In addition, a beton cire stair can be seamlessly connected to the floor, creating a beautiful continuous whole. So get to work with your own beton cire stair renovation! The staircase becomes nice and taut and spacious by a beton cire stairs. With the right pre-treatment it is even possible to apply beton cire on wooden stairs. A beton cire staircase will last for years!

Benefits of Instant Beton Cire

As has become clear by now, our Instant Beton Cire has many advantages. We have briefly listed the most important ones for you.

  • Ready to use
  • Infinite application possibilities
  • Easy to apply yourself
  • Waterproof and wear-resistant
  • Hygienic
  • Low maintenance
  • Sustainable

Instant Beton Cire Costs

Where for other forms of Beton Cire a plasterer has to be hired, Instant Beton Cire from Home of Concrete is customer-ready and very easy to apply yourself. This saves you a lot on creating a concrete-look interior. Beton Cire does not have to be very expensive. How high the costs for your specific situation are, of course, depends on the amount of Beton Cire you need for the desired project.

The Instant Beton Cire price per bucket is € 209.65. The more buckets you order, the more you save.

Ordering Instant Beton Cire is easy online in our webshop. Here you will also find the other necessities for creating your own concrete-look interior. Ordered today is tomorrow!

Questions about Instant Beton Cire?

Have you become enthusiastic and are you considering giving your interior a concrete look, but do you still have questions about our ready-made Beton Cire? Then please contact us. We are happy to help you on your way to a beautiful interior in concrete look.