Concrete Look Floor - Easily create a sturdy concrete look floor yourself

A concrete look floor gives a tough yet warm look to the interior. Whether it is the bathroom, kitchen or living room, every floor can be provided with a concrete look.

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Concrete Look Floor

A concrete look floor is often thought of as a chilly, grey floor. But nothing could be further from the truth. A concrete look floor is a lot more comfortable and warmer than a real concrete floor. Besides just shades of grey, Home of Concrete has various products in different shades of color to create a concrete look floor. A concrete look floor provides a modern but attractive style and is beautiful to combine with natural materials such as wood and metal.

Are you looking for a durable and maintenance free floor? Then concrete look flooring might be something for you. Be inspired and choose a concrete look floor!

Why a Concrete Look Floor?

A concrete look floor is wear- and scratch-resistant so extremely strong. In addition, a concrete look floor is very easy to clean. With a concrete look floor you get a modern and very durable floor in the house. A floor with concrete look gives your interior a sleek and modern look.

Concrete look products are seamless and easy to apply. You can even apply concrete look over tiled floors, tiles do not need to be removed first. Even floors with underfloor heating can be provided with concrete look. Concrete look products are flexible and are applied in thin layers on the floor. This allows the heat to be distributed quickly and evenly in the room and you will always have warm feet.

A concrete look floor can be used on practically any surface and in any desired space. For example, give the bathroom floor concrete look or the kitchen floor. A concrete floor is also a practical solution for companies, offices and shops.

Concrete Look Floor Do It Yourself

With the ready-made products of Home of Concrete you can easily make a concrete look floor yourself. There are various products available in different colours for creating a concrete look floor. With Instant Beton Ciré you can create a super strong concrete look floor for example,. This requires some skill but the results are impressive. Prefer a product that is a bit easier to apply? Then Instant Concrete Look Paint or Microcement is also an option..

Are you convinced and would you like to create a concrete look floor yourself? By following the steps below, you can give your floor a concrete look with the product of your choice.

  1. The floor to be treated must be flat. Joints and holes must be filled. Then clean and dust the floor.
  2. Apply a suitable primer to reduce the absorbing effect. The primer also ensures a better adhesion of the chosen concrete look product. The primer can be applied with a foam or coat roller.
  3. hen the concrete look product can be applied. First apply a thin layer. This is considered to be the underlayer. When the layer is hand dry, the top layer can be applied. The method of application determines the final result.
  4. Let the concrete look floor dry well! The drying time depends on the concrete look product used.
  5. When the concrete look floor is dry, it can be sanded if necessary. (Depending on the product used) Sanding gives the concrete look floor extra effect. Preferably use a rotating eccentric sander with sanding grain 120.
  6. Make everything dust-free and finish the concrete look floor with a suitable coating to make the floor waterproof, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant.

Maintenance Concrete Look Floor

Because a concrete look floor is stain resistant, it requires little maintenance. The seamless design means there are no seams where dirt can accumulate. Nevertheless, we give a few cleaning advices so your concrete look floor will last for years.

  • A concrete look floor is best cleaned as dry as possible. Think of vacuuming or sweeping. If stains do occur, use only a little water. Dry the floor thoroughly after mopping.

    If the floor is heavily soiled, avoid aggressive detergents and bleaches. These affect the protective coating of the concrete look floor. In case of stubborn stains, green soap is recommended.
  • The use of scouring pads and/or abrasives is NOT DONE! This damages the coating and makes the concrete look floor no longer waterproof.
  • Dry the concrete look floor as soon as possible with a clean cloth when there is liquid on the floor.

Benefits Concrete Look Floor

A concrete effect floor has many benefits, especially when compared to a real concrete floor. A concrete floor is not scratch resistant and creates dust. Also, real concrete is not very flexible so cracks and fissures are visible more quickly. This is due to the shrinking and expansion of the concrete due to temperature differences. In addition, a concrete floor feels a lot colder than a concrete look floor. A concrete look floor is also sound-absorbing which is not the case with a concrete floor.

So it has many benefits to creat a concrete look floor. We briefly list the most important ones.

  • Low maintenance
  • Colour- and wear-resistant
  • Water and dirt-repellent
  • Seamless design
  • Anti-allergenic
  • Fire retardant
  • Durable
  • With the products of Home of Concrete you can easily do a concrete look floor yourself.

Concrete Look Floor Costs

With the instant concrete look products from Home of Concrete you can easily make a concrete look floor yourself. A plasterer or painter to give the floor concrete look is not necessary at all. This saves you a lot on the costs of concrete look flooring. A floor with concrete look really does not have to be very expensive.

How high the costs for your concrete look flooring will be, of course, depends on the desired product and the amount you need to give your floor a concrete effect.

The following applies to all our concrete effect products: The more you order, the more you save!

You can easily order concrete look products online in our webshop. Here you will also find the other necessities for making your own concrete look floor.

Questions about Concrete Look Flooring?

Have you become enthusiastic and are you considering a concrete look floor, but do you still have questions about our products? Please contact us. We are happy to help you on your way to create a beautiful concrete effect floor.