Concrete Look Kitchen - Easily create a sturdy concrete look kitchen yourself

Concrete look gives the kitchen a stylish and contemporary character. A concrete kitchen can be nicely combined with wood. Now, cook in style and give your kitchen a concrete look!

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Concrete Look Kitchen

The kitchen is the centre of every home. A place where you can be creative and enjoy cooking or baking combined with cosiness and being together with friends and family. This most important place in the house deserves of course a beautiful, warm and homely look that is practical at the same time! Concrete look has been a real trend in recent years, also in the kitchen. A concrete look in the kitchen is a real eye-catcher and fits in every interior style. Cook in style and give your kitchen concrete look!

Why a Concrete Kitchen

Our concrete look products can be applied on kitchen walls and floors, but it is also possible to give the kitchen worktop a concrete look. And have you ever thought of concrete effect kitchen units as a sturdy industrial element in the kitchen or concrete effect kitchen doors? A kitchen with concrete look has a very robust, authentic look that can be designed to your own liking. An industrial kitchen in concrete look is beautiful to combine with materials such as stainless steel, wood and natural stone.

In addition, a concrete look kitchen has many practical benefits. For example, our concrete look products (in combination with the right coating) are water-repellent, fungicidal and resistant to fats and acids. This makes them extremely suitable for the kitchen. The products can be applied seamlessly so that annoying joints that attract dirt are a thing of the past. Ideal for a kitchen in which people work!

Concrete Look Kitchen Floor

A kitchen floor in concrete look ensures a hard-wearing, hygienic floor that lasts for years. Don't worry if there is a mess, dirt and grease don't stand a chance on a concrete look kitchen floor. Give the kitchen floor concrete look with for example HoC Instant Beton Ciré. Beton Cire can be applied to a tiled floor, screed, sand cement screed, etc., as long as the substrate is solid and stable. Underfloor heating can be easily installed under a concrete look kitchen floor. Because it is laid in a thin layer it conducts the heat extra well.

A concrete look kitchen floor is very easy to keep clean. Usually dry cleaning or vacuuming is sufficient. Remove stains with a damp, not too wet cloth.

Concrete Look Kitchen Wall

A concrete look kitchen wall gives the kitchen a tough industrial look. Give your kitchen wall concrete look with, for example, Instant Concrete Look Paint by Home of Concrete. Choose a full kitchen wall in concrete look or just for a concrete look accent in the form of for example only a splashback.

A tiled back wall was once the standard, but it hasn't been hip for a long time now. Many people therefore want to give an older tiled back wall in the kitchen a modern look. Many of our products can be applied directly over tiles. That saves a lot of demolition work, debris, dust and especially time! Make sure that the joints of a tiled wall are properly smoothed before you start, otherwise they will remain visible.

Concrete Look Countertop

Maybe you want to limit the concrete look in your kitchen to a nice element. What about a concrete-look worktop? A worktop in concrete look is the new trend in the kitchen. With our ready-to-use Microcement, for example, you can easily create your own concrete look countertop. A concrete-look kitchen worktop can be beautifully combined with a wooden kitchen for a warm, rustic atmosphere. Or you could opt for a nice modern contrast in a sleek white kitchen! Whatever your taste and style, a concrete look worktop fits into any interior.

A concrete look benchtop is not only a nice eye-catcher in the kitchen. Concrete look countertops are very hygienic, easy to clean, waterproof and stain and heat resistant. In short, a concrete effect worktop is super practical!

A worktop can be made of MDF and then put in a concrete look jacket. Make sure that the wood is properly glued! After the correct pre-treatment, the concrete look can be applied. Finally, the concrete look worktop must be finished with a coating.

Prefer to give an existing worktop a concrete look? That's no problem either. Our concrete look products can be applied to practically any surface, such as laminated chipboard or natural stone. Again, if the surface is hard, flat and well-treated, you can always give your kitchen worktop a concrete look.

Benefits Concrete Look Kitchen

It's obvious: A concrete look kitchen is robust, sleek and practical. We would like to list the most important benefits of a concrete effect kitchen for you:

  • Hygienic & Antifungal
  • Low maintenance
  • Waterproof and Wear-Resistant
  • Durable
  • Easy to realize yourself
  • Applicable on kitchen floors and walls but also on worktops and kitchen cabinets

Concrete Look Kitchen Costs

Usually a plasterer or painter will have to be hired to create a concrete-look kitchen. With the Instant Concrete look products by Home of Concrete this is not necessary. You can apply these customer-ready products yourself. This allows you to save significantly on the costs of a concrete effect kitchen.

Giving a kitchen a concrete look doesn't have to be very expensive. How high the costs for your specific situation are, of course, depends on which product and how much you need to create your concrete effect kitchen.

The following applies to all our concrete effect products: The more you order, the more you save!

Ordering concrete look products is easy online in our webshop. Here you will also find the other necessities for creating your own concrete look kitchen.

Any Questions About a Concrete Effect Kitchen?

Have you become enthusiastic and are you considering a concrete effect countertop, concrete effect kitchen doors or concrete effect kitchen units, but do you still have questions about our products? Please contact us. We are happy to help you on your way to create a beautiful concrete look kitchen.