Concrete Look Living Room - Easily create a sturdy concrete look living room yourself

A concrete look living room has endless possibilities. The floor, walls and even furniture can be provided with a concrete look. So choose a timeless living room!

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Concrete Look Living Room

The living room is the central point of the house. Here we come to rest after a long day of work, or to dine together with family or friends. A concrete-look living room gives a tough and tight, yet warm, homely atmosphere. Exactly what it takes to relax. Concrete look has been a real trend in recent years, especially in the living room. Give your living room concrete look with the concrete look products from Home of Concrete.

Why a Concrete Look Living Room

Our Instant Concrete Look products can be applied to virtually any surface. Walls, ceilings and floors can all be provided with a concrete look. For a more subtle concrete look living room, a concrete look can also be applied to furniture. Think for example of cabinets and tables or smaller accessories such as flower pots. Home of Concrete has various ready-made products that you can easily use to create your own living room with a concrete look. Give your living room a concrete look with, for example, our Instant Venetian Plaster or Instant Microcement.

A concrete-look living room has many practical benefits. For example, Instant Concrete Look products can be applied seamlessly which makes it easy to keep clean. In addition, the durable HoC products are extremely strong and durable. By finishing the concrete stucco with a 2-component coating, the concrete stucco is waterproof and stain free. Start today with a makeover of your living room and realize a unique concrete look living room.

Concrete Look Living Room Floor

Looking for a strong and maintenance free floor in the living room? Then a concrete-look floor is the ideal solution. For example, use Instant Beton Ciré for a concrete look living room floor. All concrete look products should be finished with a coating. The coating ensures that the floor is wear-resistant and waterproof. This makes the concrete look floor room very strong.

A concrete look floor in the living room is perfect to combine with underfloor heating. Concrete stucco is applied in very thin layers, allowing the heat to pass through very well. In addition, a betonlook floor living room little extra thickness to the existing floor such as carpet.

A concrete look floor is best cleaned when it is dry. Vacuuming is therefore not a problem. Wet cleaning can be done with a damp, not too wet cloth. Make the concrete look floor immediately dry again.

Concrete Look Living Room Wall

A concrete look wall in the living room gives a serene but robust look to the living room. With Instant Concrete Look Paint of Home or Concrete for example, it is very easy to create your own concrete look living room wall.

Always treat the wall first with the correct primer, this reduces the absorbing effect of the substrate and ensures better adhesion of the concrete look product. Then the concrete look can be applied. The concrete look living room wall must finally be finished with a coating. Concrete look products can be applied seamlessly which gives a nice clean look to a concrete look wall.

Concrete Look Furniture

For a more subtle concrete-look living room, you can also easily make your own concrete-look furniture. Concrete look furniture is beautiful to combine with natural materials such as wood or stone, this gives a warm and rural atmosphere. But also in a modern or classic interior concrete-look furniture comes into its own.

Concrete look products from Home of Concrete are very easy to process and are easy to apply. Before giving furniture a concrete look, the object to be treated must be made free of grease and, if necessary, sanded. Furniture also needs to be pre-treated with a primer. After the pre-treatment, the concrete look product can be applied. Use for example our Instant Chalk Paint. Leave the object to dry thoroughly and finish with a coating to make it waterproof and wear-resistant.

Concrete Look Table

A concrete look table is a nice eye-catcher in the interior. Give the whole table a concrete look or choose only a concrete look table top. With a steel base this gives a tough industrial look.

For a concrete look dining table a concrete look coffee table or a concrete look side table the following always applies: the tighter the surface, the more beautiful the result! Make sure that the parts are properly glued before giving a table a concrete look. Thoroughly smooth existing tables before applying a concrete plaster.

Concrete Look Cabinet

Could your old cabinet use a makeover? Give the cabinet concrete look with concrete look products from Home of Concrete. Also give your TV cabinet concrete look to create a beautiful whole. The combination of a concrete look TV unit and a concrete look side board gives your interior an industrial look.

Benefits Concrete Look Living Room

A concrete-look living room has a long list of benefits. We have listed the most important ones.

  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Low maintenance
  • Wear-resistant and Stain-free
  • Durable
  • Easy to realize yourself
  • Applicable on living room floors, walls, furniture and home decoration

Concrete Look Living Room Costs

Usually a plasterer or painter will have to be hired to create a concrete-look living room. With the Instant Concrete look products of Home or Concrete this is not necessary. These customer-ready products you can easily apply yourself. This allows you to save significantly on the costs for a concrete-look living room.

A concrete-look living room does not have to be very expensive. How high the costs for your specific situation will be, of course, depends on which product and how much you need to create a concrete-look living room.

The following applies to all our concrete look products: The more you order, the more you save!

Ordering concrete look products is easy online in our webshop. Here you will also find the other necessities for creating your own concrete look living room.

Any questions on a Concrete Look Living Room?

Have you become enthusiastic and are you considering a concrete-look living room floor, concrete-look living room wall or concrete-look furniture, yet do you still have questions about our products? Please contact us. We are happy to help you on creating a beautiful concrete-look living room.