Concrete Look Stairs - Easily create a sturdy concrete look stairs yourself

Have you ever thought of concrete look stairs? A concrete look staircase is extremely strong, and very durable. Prefer just some accents? Then only give the steps a concrete look.

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Concrete Look Stairs

The staircase connects the ground floor with the upper floor and is a striking object in the house. So also the staircase deserves all the attention. Carry on the interior style on the staircase and a coherent whole is created. Is your staircase in need of a makeover? Then think of a concrete stair. The most important aspect of a staircase is, of course, functionality in the first place. But, It's also something for the eye!  Concrete stairs are totally trending these days. Whether you have an industrial, modern or rural interior, a staircase with a concrete look suits every style of living. There are various products available in beautiful colors to give the staircase concrete look. For example, you can give your staircase concrete look with Instant Concrete Look Paint by Home of Concrete. For a luxurious marble look staircase is our Instant Venetian Plaster very suitable. And for a cloudy effect, the Instant Chalk Paint is recommended.  Get inspired and start a beautiful concrete-look staircase renovation today!

Why Concrete Look Stairs?

As said, a concrete staircase is totally hip. It is possible to give the whole staircase a concrete look. This gives a nice tight effect. Do you prefer some concrete-look accents? Then it is also an option to create concrete stair treads. Give the risers a lighter contrasting color for a country look.   A concrete look staircase also has many practical benefits. All our concrete-look products can be applied seamlessly on practically any surface. This eliminates seams and cracks. Even a wooden staircase is no problem. With the right coating, concrete stairs are extremely strong and can take a beating. A concrete look staircase is incredibly durable, you will enjoy it for years. In addition, a concrete-look staircase requires little maintenance and is easy to keep clean.

DIY Concrete Stairs

With the right preparations and a bit of dexterity, everyone can do a concrete-look staircase themselves without any trouble. Want to give your staircase a concrete look as well? Then follow the steps below for the best result.

  1. The surface of the stairs must be flat, clean and hard. Has there been carpeting on the stairs before? Then make sure that all adhesive residue has been removed. Then make sure everything is dust-free.
  2. tep two is the masking off of the stairs. Proceed carefully to avoid spilling and use a good quality tape.
  3. Use a primer that matches your chosen concrete look product and apply it to the stairs with a roller. The primer ensures good adhesion of the concrete look product.
  4. When the primer is dry, you can start with the concrete look steps. Apply the product with a brush, roller or taping knife (depending on the product you have chosen). Work in several layers for the best result. Leave the first layer to dry by hand and then apply the top layer in approximately the same thickness.
  5. After applying the two layers it is important to let them dry well.
  6. When the concrete look staircase has dried, it should be finished with a coating. Which coating is best, depends on the product you have used. The coating can be applied with a microfibre roller. The coating ensures that the concrete look stairs become wear-resistant.

Maintenance Concrete Look Stairs

Concrete stairs requires little maintenance and keeping it clean is a piece of cake. Use the maintenance tips below and you will have years of pleasure from your concrete look staircase.

  • Preferably clean the concrete look stairs dry. Sweeping or vacuuming is not a problem. Clean stains with a damp cloth. Do not use aggressive detergents, they will damage the coating of the concrete look stairs. Preferably use green soap.
  • Never use scouring pads to clean the concrete steps! This will damage the coating.
  • To extend the durability of the concrete look stairs, you can apply a new coating layer after a few years.

Benefits Concrete Look Stairs

We've already mentioned a lot of benefits of a staircase with a concrete look, but we'll list the most important ones.

  • Water and dirt repellent
  • Low maintenance
  • Wear-resistant
  • Durable
  • DIY concrete stairs are very easy to create with the instant concrete look products by Home of Concrete.

Concrete Stairs Cost

Usually a plasterer or painter would have to be hired to create a concrete-look staircase. This is not necessary with the Instant Concrete look products by Home of Concrete. With our ready-to-use products you can easily give your staircase concrete look yourself. This will save you a lot of money.

Concrete stairs don't have to be expensive. How high the costs for your concrete look staircase renovation will be, depends on which product you want to use and how much you need for your concrete look staircase renovation.

The following applies to all our concrete effect products: The more you order, the more you save!

You can easily order concrete look products online in our webshop. Here you will also find the other necessities for creating your own concrete look stairs.

Any Questions About a Concrete Look Stairs?

Have you become enthusiastic and are you considering a concrete staircase or concrete stair treads, but do you still have questions about our products? Then please contact us. We are happy to help you on your way to a durable concrete look stairs.